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Atomorun2008 out now! visit atomorun2008.whosme.de

Flee from an exploding nuclear bomb. The shockwave tries to catch you, so run as fast as you can!

Atom'o'run is a Jump&Run game, licensed under the terms of the GPL.
It uses 3D OpenGL for the graphics, while the gameplay is 2D (just jump and run, left to right).


Merry X-Mas!
Version 1.1_pre2 X-Mas Edition released!
- X-Mas Theme (thanks Pyrael, for the textures)
- sound support (some problems with windows... thanks to Manuel Te Laak for this funky music)
- random level generation (yes, makes it much more difficult)
- a story ;)
- and some more (see ChangeLog for more details)

Freshmeat Project
This application was created using the following software:

Gentoo Linux Anjuta Blender