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Summary of changes from v1.01 to v1.1-pre2 X-Mas Edition
Daniel Pinske:
o Forgot to put the body in a displaylist also...
o The glasses are black again (ooops)
o It is now possible to leave the "game over"-screen with a press on ENTER
o The level is now generated randomly and a little bit larger.
Makes it much more difficult :)
o Redesigned the menu.
o Some code cleanup
o Added the acid fog, from which Atomio has to run away.
It's just a quick hack, maybe I will improve the effect later.
o Fixed bug, where you could change the direction of Atomio in the menu.
o Sound support added.
(New dependency: SDL_mixer with ogg support)
o Textures are now stored in smaller and better PNG's.
(New dependency: SDL_image with png support)
o If loading a PNG (or OGG) fails, it tries to load a BMP (or WAV).
See docs\INSTALL.win32, why. Grrr, why do I have to make a win32 build?
o Fixed menu bug. It was possible to press Escape in the menu after playing
the game.
o It's now possible to change resolution and fullscreen mode with
commandline arguments. Start "atomorun -h" for more help.

Summary of changes from v1.0 to v1.0.1
Daniel Pinske:
o Fixed dos2unix bug with levels
o Some speed improvements
o Translated to english (whoo, what a big task ;) )
to make it accessible to more people.
Comments in the source are still german,
they will be translated later.
o Made it GNU/GPL ;)
Now it won't compile for win32 without messing around
a bit, see doc/INSTALL.win32 (but who cares about win32?)

This application was created using the following software:

Gentoo Linux Anjuta Blender